Facebook Video Training

Welcome to the latest and most effective SMARTT Social Media Facebook Video Training program designed to guide you through the process of positioning your business over Facebook easily and effectively.

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Video #1 Introduction

Video Running Time: 4:33 Welcome to the latest and most effective Facebook Video Training program designed to guide you through the process of positioning your business over Facebook easily and effectively

Notes From Video One

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Video #2 What exactly is a Facebook Page?

Video Running Time: 3:32 A personal Facebook account is something completely different from a Facebook page.

Notes From Video Two

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Video #3 The 8 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success

Video Running Time: 4:44 Here you have the 8 most important steps.

Notes From Video Three

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Video #4 Create a Facebook Page Account… the right one

Video Running Time: 4:07 There are many categories you can base your Facebook Page on. This is a very important section because it will be the beginning of something great for your business, and it is essential that you do it correctly.

Notes From Video Four

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Video #5 Create your cover image… not breaking the rules

Video Running Time: 2:59 You want people to get a good first impression, so here are some tips on how to make a high quality cover image.

Notes From Video Five

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Video #6 Create your profile picture… avoiding confusion

Video Running Time: 2:20 If your cover image already shows your logo, you may use the profile picture to show your main product.

Notes From Video Six

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Video #7 Create the “About” section… engaging the visitor

Video Running Time: 8:12 You will have only 150 characters to show in this spot. There is more space to write, but that small portion will be what everybody sees.

Notes From Video Seven

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Video #8 Using Facebook tabs… absolutely amazing!

Video Running Time: 5:46 Facebook Tabs is where you can use an incredible array of high-tech marketing tools called “apps” to make your Facebook page more than a regular page.

Notes From Video Eight

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Video #9 Posting… getting the most out of it

Video Running Time: 9:51 5 highly effective functions that this powerful little posting box has to offer you and your business.

Notes From Video Nine

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Video #10 Getting "Likes"... Quickly and Safely!

Video Running Time: 13:13 The “like” button has exactly the same purpose that an optin form has

Notes From Video Ten

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