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From:  Barry Joyce

Dear SMARTT Social Media Member,

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity and personally thank you for taking this step to SMARTT Social Media training course, and for trusting us to help you along the way.

We at SMARTT Social Media greatly value your business and we will endeavor to meet your every needs. We will from time to time added addition training to your membership area at NO extra cost to you, and we will email you at times informing you of this

In order to get started with your training, please first watch the introduction video (above) to help you navigate around the training.

Before you proceed onto the training please follow the 3 steps below:

Start Here - Please Follow These Steps First

  • Step 1 - Attend Training Webinar

    Click Here to reserve your seat to the “Orientation” training WEBINAR. This webinar is packed with training that you do not want to miss. As a bonus, you will also discover “How to Harness The Combined Power 
Of Social Media And Blogging To Build Your Brand, Get More Traffic And Grow Your Business!”.

  • Step 2 - Whitelist Us

    Click Here and follow our whitelisting instructions for your particular email service. This will ensure you don’t miss important messages.

  • Step 3 - Join The Group

    Our peer to peer support group is an awesome way to connect, ask questions and interact with other members and staff.

    Inside the members area you will find extra bonuses that are unadvertised

    We have an “Earn Money” page where you can team up and earn extra cash by advertising SMARTT Social Media - we have made it easy by providing you with the right tools.

    We have provided you an “AFFILIATES” page where you can discover some of the top secrets and software the experts use

    We have a “Facebook group” for all SMARTT Social Media members. This is a great place to share best practice with fellow Social Media experts A

    Another bonus in the “Resources” page for connecting with us on your Social Media platforms.

    A MUST!!!! Register here and discover the secrets top internet marketer John Thornhill talks about in this FREE webinar

    At any time you need any help or have any queries please visit the SUPPORT page.
    Finally, we look forward working with you and hearing your feedback!